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Streichholz-Folder 01

Information folder for the “Don't Drink and Drive-Campaign” 0,0 for Friends

The information folder in the Z-card format was designed to inform young drivers about the campaign. The comic on the inside of the folder has been illustrated by artist Chris Scheuer.


Media: Flip-Top-Matches
Released: 2007
Client: bmvit – Austrian Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology, in cooperation with the Federal State of Styria and Lower Austria
Distribution area: Styria and Lower Austria
Edition: 10.000
Target group: Young car drivers


  • Idea & Conceptual Design
  • Editorial support
  • Design
  • Layout
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A variation of the Designated Driver Campaign of the European Union. The young target group should be encouraged to drive home sober after the…>> more

Logo "Don't Drink and Drive"- Campaign