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Poster 'I drive the party...'

Poster "Ich fahr die Party und die Party fährt ab"

Poster for the campaign '0,0 for friends'

To draw attention to and to promote the events of the 'Don’t Drink and Drive' campaign '0.0 for Friends', advertising posters were designed in 2 versions. A 'male' and 'female' version was displayed  in clubs and at festivals to promote the campaign.


Media: Poster in DIN A0 and DIN A1
Released: 2007
Client: Austrian Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology (bmvit)
Distribution area: Styria and Lower Austria
Edition: 1000
Target group: Young car drivers and vulnerable road users


  • Idea & Conceptual Design
  • Design
  • Photography

Part of...

A variation of the Designated Driver Campaign of the European Union. The young target group should be encouraged to drive home sober after the…>> more

Logo "Don't Drink and Drive"- Campaign