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Folder "We pop the myths"

Folder "We pop the myths" - Image 01

Leporello-Folder with information regarding the event series

Folder to advertise the event series: "We pop the myths" with photographs of the traffic myths. The folder was used to promote the campaign and was distributed to the citizens of Graz. For this purpose, the concept, design and layout was developed in close cooperation with the client the transport planning office of the City of Graz.


Media: Folder
Released: 2012
Client: City of Graz - transport planning
Distribution area: Graz and Styria
Edition: 1000 pieces
Target group: Citizens of Graz


  • Idea & Conceptual Design
  • Editorial support
  • Design
  • Layout
  • Photography
  • Production planning and control
Folder "We pop the myths" - Image 02Design "We pop the myths"

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"We pop the myths" was a series of events on mobility, which has dealt with popular myths of traffic. In 5 events, interested citizens of Graz had…>> more

We pop the myths (Wir lassen die Mythen platzen)