Communication and design agency


Completely in line with the viewer!

Printed materials

Every type of paper is different. For exactly this reason, we design your printed material in a way that one really wants to look at it, touch it, and collect it. Thereby, we set no limits with regard to forms and designs.From simple flyers through to comprehensive business reports—the more distinct, the better. But always in a way that your content is communicated in the best possible manner—via our senses, to provide a feast for the synapses.

Print references >>

  • Printed business materials and business equipment
  • Classic advertising materials
  • Brochures and books
  • Billboard advertising
  • Business reports
  • Training materials
Every moment counts online

Web design and development

What counts are the clicks on your website. To fascinate its visitors is just as important. We accomplish this by clearly structuring your content and preparing it in an exciting way. We conceive, design, and programme your custom-made web presence in order to achieve the best outcome for your goals and your project. We attach importance to catchy design, intuitive user guidance, and website building optimised for search engines. As a matter of course, everything is optimized for the network of networks, and you can change it and adapt it to all devices yourself. In this respect, we rely on common standards and also provide extensive database solutions. What also counts is eye candy—in order that your customers remember your website. For this, we are working our fingers to the bone when designing and programming things.

Web references >>

  • Conceptual design
  • Design
  • Programming
  • Web-Shops
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Usability tests
  • Social Media support
  • Trainings
  • Hosting, maintenance & support
  • Databasedesign
Advertising emerges in the mind because this is also where it belongs.


Our advertising ideas are the result of intensive brainwork. They do not only emerge in the mind but also activate something in other minds. Thereby, persuasion is our guiding principle—not manipulation. For only persuasion creates lasting positioning of your brand, and thus your idea. This is why we have to go into a huddle in any creative process to work out the optimum result for you, and to position you in the market in an authentic and profitable manner.

Advertising references >>

  • Conceptual design
  • Media planning
  • Print advertising
  • Billboard advertising
  • Film and animation
  • Audio spots
We create the brand!

Brand development

We do not only your brand or enterprise its own identity but also get it into the minds and hearts of its customers. You will also get a comprehensive corporate design concept in addition to your brand identity—as if made from one piece, which is perceptible by the senses and can be experienced! We attach utmost importance to a high degree of identification and authenticity in order that the brand does not only work in an outward direction but also to the inside. After all, your brand is to become your distinctive embodiment, which you and your employees take into the public sphere with conviction.

Brand references >>

  • Brand design
  • Corporate identity
  • Business materials
  • Presentations
  • Advertising materials
Dissemination is something you have to learn


In order to avoid that results from research and implementation projects fall into oblivion or end up in the drawer, we prepare them in a way that makes sure that people read and understand them, and disseminate them there where they are supposed to arrive. For this, choosing the right means of communications is as crucial as preparing them in a way appropriate to the particular target groups. Of course, we create the materials in all European languages. Moreover, we can look back at tens of years of experience with EU projects, so that managing and implementing projects comes naturally to us. In short, we feel comfortable on the international level.

Dissemination references >>

  • Submitting EU projects with international consortia
  • Managing dissemination within the EU projects
  • Promoting EU projects
  • Visual identity