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Campaign 'We pop the myths'

Logo "Wir lassen die Mythen platzen"

Series of events on behalf of the „City of Graz - Transport Planning”

Within the framework of the project 'We pop the myths (Wir lassen die Mythen platzen)' a public lecture series was designed, planned and implemented in close collaboration with the client. At 5 public places in Graz, the 5 traffic myths were debated in an argumentative discourse and finally solved together with the interested participants in panel sessions.


Media: Campaign with print materials
Released: 2012
Client: City of Graz, Transport planning
Distribution area: City of Graz and Styria
Target group: Citizens


  • Idea & Conceptual Design
  • Media planning
  • Editorial support
  • Design
  • Layout
  • Production planning and control
Veranstaltung "Wir lassen die Mythen platzen" 01Veranstaltung "Wir lassen die Mythen platzen" 02Veranstaltung "Wir lassen die Mythen platzen" 03Veranstaltung "Wir lassen die Mythen platzen" 04Materialien "Wir lassen die Mythen platzen" 01

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"We pop the myths" was a series of events on mobility, which has dealt with popular myths of traffic. In 5 events, interested citizens of Graz had…>> more

We pop the myths (Wir lassen die Mythen platzen)