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Visual Identity for the European Project

For large European projects a distinctive look can only be achieved through a homogenous design. The entire project design was developed for the EU project “MODUM” . This included the logo, the corporate design and all dissemination tools. All communication materials were designed, printed and produced according to the corporate identity. These included folders, templates for presentations and general communication, newsletters, brochures, posters, the website and more. To assure that all project partners werefamiliar with the project design and its graphic elements a corporate identity manual was created  as guidance for their individual applications.


Media: Brand, Print, Web
Released: 2011-2014
Client: EU
Distribution area: Europe
Target group: Scientists, engineers, transport companies


  • Idea & Conceptual Design
  • Logo design
  • Corporate identity
  • Corporate identity manual
  • Artwork
  • Webdesign
  • Production planning and control
MODUM Corporate Design Image01

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MODUM Visual Design